We all appreciate bright, joyful days and we thank God for them. But we also routinely experience darker, more chaotic, messy days in which we are challenged to even recognize God’s presence in our lives.

How can I see a New Day amidst the clouds of my life?

How can I recognize God’s presence in the “now” moments of life?

How am I to experience God’s love, right now, today?

God loves you and me right where we are, but loves us too much to leave us there. God waits for our response, for our love.

Are you prepared to spend some time and effort to see and acknowledge God’s presence in your life?

Amidst Life's Clouds, a NEW DAY takes a look at the darker, more chaotic, messy struggles and challenges of ordinary life events through eyes of faith, in a way that can help you Encounter the Presence of God.